10 Exciting Activities to Do in Lake Toba

10 Exciting Activities to Do in Lake Toba


Lake Toba, which surrounds Samosir Island, is the largest lake in the world and the largest volcanic lake in the world with a surface area of ​​1,130 square kilometers. In addition, Lake Toba is also one of the best places to relax in Asia.

There are various exciting activities that can be done around this lake. The following are ten exciting activities that can be done on Lake Toba.

1. Visit the Ancient Batak Village Ruins

One of the most famous places on Lake Toba is the ruins of an ancient Batak village with stone chairs for ancient courts that can be found in the nearby village of Ambarita. The stone chairs called Batu Parsidangan were used for meetings by the local king. There is also a stone used for the execution of citizens who commit grave mistakes. The ruins are not on the main road, so you should hire a guide to take you to your destination.

2. Visit the Batak Museum

This museum is located in an ancient king’s traditional house, restored and turned into a Batak museum located in Tomok. This museum does not have a large size, but it holds various fascinating Batak cultural history. Every 10.30 am, the museum holds a traditional dance performance to welcome the tourists who come.

3. Drive Around the Island

Besides enjoying the beauty of Lake Toba, try to ride a motorbike to see the daily village life on Samosir Island. You can find old churches, volcanic views and various interesting village activities to see.

4. Hunting for Traditional Ulos Cloth

Ulos woven cloth is a traditional Batak cloth used in dances and rituals. One of the famous villages for ulos weavers is Buhit village. This ulos cloth is usually wrapped around the head to prevent the sun from setting. If you want to buy souvenirs in this village, don’t forget to bargain to get a lower price.

5. Fishing

Lake Toba is filled with fish of various sizes, which usually swim around the inn pier and beach walls. Try fishing in the morning with leftover eggs or bread from breakfast. The fish in Lake Toba is very attracted to the flashlight directed into the water so that when fishing or fishing at night, the fishermen do not find it difficult. You can also ask the locals to deliver the best fishing spots.

6. Exploring Lake Sidihoni

Lake Sidihoni is located on the island of Samosir, or it can also be said as a lake above the lake because it is located above Lake Toba. Lake Sidihoni often changes and is associated with events that occur in Indonesia by local residents. Because it is located above Lake Toba, getting to this place is very difficult. The road is rough and you still have to climb the trail to get there.

7. Watch Traditional Batak Dance and Music

Bagus Bay and Samosir Cottages are two popular guesthouses for their Batak cultural performances. Every Wednesday and Saturday night, they hold traditional Batak dances and music. The event will begin with a relaxing atmosphere of music at dinner, then continue into songs to accompany a pleasant drinking time. The event will conclude with a lively performance by talented locals playing a mix of modern and ancient instruments.

8. Climbing Pusuk Buhit

Don’t be surprised if you can also get a New Zealand-style view while traveling on Lake Toba, to be precise, at Pusuk Buhit.

This is one of the highest plains in the Lake Toba area. To reach it, you can take the Huta Ginjang Village or Aek Rangat Village. Along the way, you can stop by several local tourist attractions such as the Batu Hobon site and the Aek Sipitu Dai bathhouse.

9. Camping on the shores of Lake Toba

Tourism on Lake Toba can also be done by spending the night in the middle of its nature. One of the favorable camping spots here is in Paropo. The views of the hills and lakes here are no less beautiful than Segara Anak Lake on Mount Rinjani. Don’t forget to prepare your camping needs and physically prepare for a tiring trip.

10. Visit Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Sipiso-piso waterfall is one of the most famous tourist attractions on Lake Toba besides the lake. Located in Tongging Village, this waterfall has a height of 120 meters and is right on the lake’s edge. Besides enjoying its beauty from above, you can also trek to the bottom of the waterfall by descending the available stairs.

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