Can Secure Apps Like Signal and WhatsApp Get Hacked?

Privacy is a fundamental matter for every individual. It is the state where a person is free from being watched, especially when sharing confidential information online.

Sending and receiving messages through technological devices is already the common thing in today’s generation. Howbeit, without the help of the historical geniuses, the modernization we are living today wouldn’t be achieved. Intellectuals like Bob Karin and Vint Cerf for discovering and expanding the utilization of the Internet, Dr. Martin Cooper for generating the first modern portable handset, and the Nippon Telephone Company that launched the first commercial (1G) mobile network in Japan on the 1st day of December 1979,

But then again, humanity wouldn’t accomplish such contemporaneity if it wasn’t for the primitive people who invented stone tools for survival and agricultural convenience 2.6 million years ago.

Today’s genesis is now experiencing the grandeur that modernized applied sciences bring. Communicating no longer takes days, weeks, or months to happen, but it advances into one click of a devices’ keyboard and one call away. The sole struggle that would solely occur is the inconvenience of the signal’s disappearance caused by blocked buildings, electronic interference when there is a sudden climate change and the competing networks. Despite these nuisances, the service is not uncomplicated to retrieve.

However, one of the greatest vexations in the online world is hackers.

Hackers are known as computer criminals considering they mostly hijack people online. Exceptionally those business accounts that have many transactions and exchanging disputable information like bank records in their dealings. Their primary goal is to regain this data to steal money from people who are working hard.

Thus, authorities and the most utilized mobile applications established WhatsApp call recording and Signal compliance. Mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Signal, and Skype have this sort of conformity to prevent cyberpunks from hacking their client’s accounts.

But there is still that one question that continues to linger in numerous people:

Can secure apps like WhatsApp and Signal get hacked?

Find out on the infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage: