Design Tips To Choose The Right Center Table For Living And Coffee Space

Design Tips To Choose The Right Center Table For Living And Coffee Space

Have you ever seen a living space without a center table? No, right! A living room is simply incomplete without the right coffee table as it plays a major role around the sofa. It is no more a piece of functionality, but also the right piece of décor that adds charm complementing the surrounding. However, countless go wrong in choosing the center table as per their sofa. Thus, here are a few important design tips which will help you choose the right table for your living area.

Coffee Table Design – As Per Overall Design Pattern:

When designing any house or buying a single piece of furniture as a modern coffee table, harmony is the key to making the space look attractive and in sync with everything. There should be a concept i.e. the size, shape, texture, and colour all need to be in line with a particular theme, and so does the furniture such as the centre table. Thereafter, the result will be brilliant and appealing.

The Right Size of Center Table – As Per the Sofa Size:

Often go unnoticed but the centre table dimensions should be one of the prime concerns when deciding on the right table. If the size of the centre table is in proportion to the sofa size, one will have enough room to stretch the legs or move around. However, if any of the two goes wrong, it will be a complete disaster as if the table is vast, you will not have enough space to move or grab an everyday item from the table such as a coffee mug, snacks, etc.

The Correct Shape of Center Table- Complements the Sofa:

The design of the centre table goes hand in hand with the sofa design. The shape of the sofa is the biggest decision-maker for the centre table and its design. If you have an L-Shaped Sofa, a rectangular living room table is the ideal one. Similarly, compact sofas should have a square or round table. Thus, harmony should be maintained to build the whole space elegantly.

The Table Style-Complements the Whole Living Area:

Other than the sofa, the main attraction of any living room is its centre table and how it is decorated. Having a table design in rhythm with color, texture, material and pattern of the room is the perfect way to obtain everything in symmetry. If you have a traditional living space, select the crafted wooden table. For the contemporary living area, a geometric table with edges blends well. If you wish to create the illusion of a bigger table, choose a glass center table.

The Center Table Design- As Per the Usage:

During designing, listing the activities that will be held around the center table helps decide the table design. If it is purely to entertain guests, having an elegant table with a rug underneath works perfectly. If you own a compact space, choose a storage table to keep TV remotes, store magazines and newspapers, and tea coasters.

The Right Material For Center Table:

Last but not the least, the material of the center table should be kept in mind. Since multiple activities happen around the table, having a sturdy material for example natural wood, fiberwood, etc. is important. For a light yet firm design, you can choose a metal framed table with a glass top.

With the help of these design tips, you are sure to choose the right center table living space that is pleasing to the eyes and serves the purpose.