Main Differences Between an Auto Transport and Tow Dolly

Main Differences Between an Auto Transport and Tow Dolly

People relocating from one city to another look for the cheapest and the best way of shifting their belongings. This is because of the idea that the intercity relocation will be completed within a few hours and no need to make extra spending in this case. While planning relocation, they should also handle the work of shifting their car and other such vehicles as well and will have no idea how to do so. 

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Car carrier vs tow dolly 

Before choosing one that is the ideal choice for shipping your car, you should first know everything about tow dolly and car carrier options. Here is detailed information about both topics. 

  • Working mechanism 

A tow dolly or also known as a car dolly is a type of car hauler that helps the owners relocate from one location to another. This type of hauler can lift the front wheels of your car and can tow it to the new address. 

A car carrier will haul your car completely on a trailer, and your car will have no contact with the ground. 

  • Compatibility 

Both the options are compatible for hauling the cars from one location to another. Any type of car such as a sedan, SUV, etc., can be easily transported with the help of these options. However, while choosing a trailer, you should choose one that can fit the dimension of your car perfectly, as small trailers are not ideal for cars with bigger dimensions. 

  • Maneuverability 

Maneuverability is the main concern when it comes to car transportation. In case of a tow dolly, the driver should be experienced to handle the car maneuverability while transporting the car from its source to the destination. The same goes for setting the car down too. 

In case of car trailers, it is easier for transportation as the car will not have any contact with the ground. The drivers can easily maneuver the merchandise as required. 

  • Cost 

Transportation of a car via tow dolly is comparatively cheaper than the car trailers. However, there are no guarantees that the car will not suffer from any external damage while hauling with the help of a tow dolly. Hence, the repair charges may cost you more than the transportation charges. 

The car trailer hauling will make sure that your automobile will reach your destination without a dent or scratch. Hence, you can get the car transported safely without any need to pay further. 

Both the tow dolly and car trailer hauling have their own set of pros and cons. You can learn about them in detail and make the right decision.