Shelving Racks’ adaptability in your storage facility

Shelving Racks’ adaptability in your storage facility

Using shelving in an office allows you to move and store non-palletized items. For warehouses that hold a diverse range of items in terms of sizes, quantities, speeds, and weights, there are several heavy-duty stacking system alternatives available. The heavy-duty shelf racks from Mrspace are an easy, adaptable, and affordable solution to business warehouse storage challenges. Making the best use of your storage space, you may safely and effectively store a wide range of products with our adaptable and comprehensive array of Boltless Rack Malaysia.

Intelligent Space Management

It’s important to think about both your present and anticipated storage demands when deciding on a shelf system. Together, we’ll make sure your storage solution is both efficient and durable. Our smart shelf solutions are not only simple to construct but also flexible, so they can keep up with your changing needs. Our wide variety of shelf solutions can accommodate everything from bulky items to archived documents.

Conserves Cash

If you’re looking for storage that maximizes vertical space and has the least negative effect on the footprint of your current building, our bookshelf solutions are ideal. You may be able to avoid the time and financial strain of a transfer by increasing productivity without interfering with operations and making the most of the footprint of your building. A multi-level shelf system’s construction may contain walkways. This might be less expensive than building mezzanine shelves.


The imaginative and client-focused design team at Mrspace will collaborate with you to ensure that your unique, bespoke design appropriately represents your business and its location. Specialized facilities may be used to store boxes, large or heavy objects, small parts, apparel, irregular shapes, and more.

Increased Effectiveness

Our shelf solutions are not just quick and affordable solutions, however, they are also made to increase your company’s productivity. Custom shelving may increase storage density, improve the protection of valuable and breakable items, simplify manual stock handling, and increase picking efficiency by splitting SKUs.

Reasons for Choosing Us

Our goal at Mrspace is to offer premium goods and services at reasonable prices. Being one of the leading Display Rack suppliers Malaysia and manufacturers of business storage solutions that benefit the environment and the economy, we take great pride in sourcing and using only the best British products. Mrspace is dedicated to quality in all we do, and we work hard to show this dedication in all we do. After we’ve determined your needs and demands for storage, our talented and imaginative design team will get to work on your perfect shelf system. Every project will be examined by our knowledgeable surveyors to ensure compliance with all relevant safety regulations. You can rely on us to adhere to all relevant fire, wellness, and safety regulations as well as legal requirements when designing and specifying your shelf structure and its access points. We shall be in charge of obtaining all necessary authorizations. You may relax knowing that our skilled project managers are well-versed in every aspect of the design, building, and installation procedures.