Steps You Can Take in Your Business If Your Client Does Not Pay

Steps You Can Take in Your Business If Your Client Does Not Pay

When collecting the pending money from your client, it is best to increase the pressure on them gradually. There are several reasons why clients wouldn’t pay. For example, it can be disorganization, forgetfulness, financial issues, or other reasons. However, no matter the reason, you have every right to ask them for the money they owe in return for the product or service you provided.

If you are having trouble with one or more clients who are not ready to clear their payment, you can even take legal action against them. Contact an Olympia, WA business law attorney, and know all about your legal rights and how you can use the law to get your money. 

Sometimes, clients do not pay as the service or product you offered them was inadequate or not what they expected. However, this does not give them the right to hold any of your payments. 

Nevertheless, here’s what you can do if your client does not pay their pending bills in your business or company. 

Steps you can take in your business if your client does not pay

  • Start with a friendly reminder. 

If you have sent the client all the necessary information about the payment, like due dates, invoice, payment details, etc., and still haven’t cleared their pending bill, you can make a friendly reminder telling them their payment is due. 

Ensure the reminder is polite yet prompt, so the client does not take your request lightly. 

  • Try claiming or visiting them personally. 

If your friendly reminder is left unattended, you must try calling or visiting them personally. This will help you understand the situation better. A simple phone call might clear whether it was just overlooked or if the client is going through any financial crisis. 

If their company is going through financial issues, you might think of a solution or a payment plant that does not burden them with the entire amount but does not freeze your money completely. You can ask them to clear your payment in installments. 

  • Debt collection letter 

If the friendly reminder, phone calls, and meetings do not work, it might be time to take strict action. While trying to be understanding, your client might have taken you for granted. So to ensure they cannot keep you hanging like that, you must take strict action. 

Sending a debt collection letter will contact since when the payment s delayed and a certain amount of time in which they must clear their payment or there will be repercussions.