Tips for Getting More People to Like Your Facebook Page

Tips for Getting More People to Like Your Facebook Page

There are more than three million active Facebook pages, and each day, millions of new admirers join these pages. The process of joining a brand’s page is still the same even though the button has changed from – to become a fan to like the post. Fan pages on Facebook are still pages. There are now more reasons than ever to like Facebook and Facebook pages according to Facebook’s launch of The New Messaging.

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Here is some advice:

  • Post a status update first

Make mention of your Facebook profile in a status update. Do not be hesitant to directly invite people to like your Facebook page. When you ask, you will get it. Find a clever method to mention and connect to your page, share the news with them, or give them a compelling incentive to join.

  • Add a link to your page indicating where you work 

Since the data box beneath profile images is being phased away, listing your Page underemployment is now required if you want an ever-present link to your page on your profile. When you do this, your Facebook Page will show up on your profile under your name.

  • Provide incentives to encourage people to register

You can make a dynamic Facebook landing page with a reveal tab that only fans of your page can see by using some static FBML. More people will feel obliged to click the Like button to obtain your reward the more valuable it is. An exclusive video, an exclusive whitepaper or.pdf, or exclusive images are a few examples of exclusive content. Watch FacebookFlow for updates. We will go into detail on how to put up a reveal tab in one of our upcoming posts. You can also Buy Facebook Likes.

With the help of reliable and reputed apps—many of which are completely free—you can easily establish FanGates that contain rewards like files or coupons that will encourage more people to Like your page. However, you should look for the best and most reliable platform offering genuine likes and group members to help your Facebook page grow.