What to Know Before You Choose a Loan Against Yes Premia Credit Card 

What to Know Before You Choose a Loan Against Yes Premia Credit Card 

Several lenders may offer loans against credit cards at different interest rates if a borrower is approved for a personal loan or another loan type that allows credit against your credit card. Let’s define a loan secured by a credit card before we go into the specifics you need to be aware of.

Exactly what is a credit card loan?

A loan taken out against a credit card is very similar to a personal loan in that it is unsecured (requires no security) and has a fixed rate of interest over a predetermined time period. Depending on the yes premia credit card, annual percentage rates for credit cards typically run between 35% and 40%. It exceeds the annual percentage rate for personal loans. As a result, it is less expensive than the regular interest rates for credit card transactions. Only the amount of available credit on your credit card may be borrowed. If you have a credit card loan, you should be aware of the following:

  1. Your ability to obtain a top-up loan may be impacted if you make late payments:  A top-up loan is a loan that is given on top of your current loan. To pay off debt secured by credit cards, credit card firms frequently provide further credit card loans. Numerous businesses provide top-up loans that clients can get with their credit cards. A borrower’s credit history must be spotless and devoid of any instances of late payments in order to be eligible for a personal loan. It is the ideal choice if you need money right away because it has better conditions and an interest rate that is comparable to that of a personal loan. To be eligible for the top-up loan, borrowers must be active clients with solid repayment histories—they must have consistently made on-time payments without any defaults or late repayments. It could be harder to get a top-up if you have debt, particularly yes premia credit card debt. In any event, avoid making late payments if you want to continue receiving loans in the future.
  1. Late payments on credit cards result in one set of repercussions, whereas late payments on loans result in a another set of repercussions. Consequently, loan defaults happen more frequently than credit card defaults. Your credit score will be far more negatively impacted by a credit card default than by a loan default. Home loan defaults have a more noticeable influence on credit scores than credit card failures, which also have a big impact.
  1. The repayment schedule is adaptable. Most yes premia credit card loans, including personal loans, include a variable tenure option that lets borrowers choose the duration of the payback period. You, the borrower, get to choose the loan term when you apply for a loan. For credit card loans, lenders frequently offer terms of up to 24 months, providing you the choice to select the term that best suits your needs and capacity to make monthly payments. With unsecured loans, consumers frequently get a grace period of 24 months before making a payment to pay off their credit cards. Additionally, some banks provide tenure options that are greater than 24 months.
  1. Interest-bearing credit card transactions are subject to standard credit card interest rates:  Remember that you are responsible for 75% of the issue. Interest will be applied to the remaining 25% at the standard credit card rates. Meaning that interest rates of roughly 35% per year will still be legally applicable if you use your card to make a purchase and don’t pay it back within the interest-free period (as applicable on your credit card). If your credit score is high—let’s say 750 or above—you may be able to get a loan with a personal loan interest rate at a very attractive interest rate. An instant jumbo loan has a rate of 15%, but a personal loan has an initial annual percentage rate of 10.75%.
  1. You always have the option to pre-close your loan. You are not required to inform your bank in advance if you pre-close the loan connected to your yes premia credit card. It’s available for use whenever you wish. Any pre-closing costs that your lender has specified are your responsibility.
  1. Processing fees are also very important: Processing fees are assessed when you take out a credit card loan; the amount charged normally relies on the bank’s approval of the loan. Personal loan processing costs typically range from 1% to 5%.

Yes Bank is one of the lenders providing Insta Jumbo Loans.

Customers can apply for pre-approved personal loans using their credit cards. Additionally, the cardholder may be given a limit that is greater than her current credit limit. The money is swiftly deposited into the customer’s savings account by Yes Bank. Although they are free to use it however they choose, they must ultimately pay it back in a certain amount of recurring monthly installments. The finest aspect of this loan is that you can use both the credit card and the personal loan amount at the same time because using the jumbo loan amount has no impact on your present credit limit. The application and disbursement procedures are straightforward because this loan is a pre-approved offer. It is deemed unnecessary to offer any justification or evidence. If your application is accepted, the funds will be deposited into your account as soon as you submit it.


Credit card loans are more expensive than secured loans since they are unsecured, even when personal loan interest rates are taken into account. When all other options have been exhausted and you are truly in need of money, it is advised that you use a credit card as an emergency loan. A personal loan still offers a cheaper interest rate than a yes premia credit card if you match the qualifications. As a result, you might want to think about requesting one. Taking out such high-interest loans to indulge in vices or to purchase luxury items like electronics, cars, furniture, etc. is not a good idea. Therefore, it’s crucial to evaluate your needs and choose the finest borrowing option.