Extracts to enhance mood – Euphoric effects without addiction

Extracts to enhance mood – Euphoric effects without addiction

The tropical tree Mitragyna speciosa has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine in Southeast Asia. Increasingly popular in recent years, kratom is a herb that relieves pain, lifts emotions, and eases opioid withdrawal. 

While kratom leaf powder provides gentle benefits, concentrated kratom extracts offer more potent effects without the bulk of plain leaves. Some extracts provide a surge of euphoria and energy reminiscent of prescription stimulants but without the same risks or side effects. 

How are they made?

There are several methods of making kratom extracts:

Water extraction

The central alkaloids are extracted from the dried leaf by boiling or steeping it in hot water. The leaf matter is filtered out while the extract liquid remains. Simmering the liquid until the water evaporates leaves an extract paste or resin behind.

Alcohol extraction 

In this method, high-proof alcohol acts as the solvent to pull alkaloids from the leaf powder. Vodka, ethanol, or acetic acid are used to soak the leaves and then filtered out, leaving liquid kratom extract behind.

CO2 extraction

The high-tech extraction method uses supercritical carbon dioxide to separate plant compounds effectively. It yields very pure extracts and also be used to concentrate specific alkaloids.

Acid/base extraction

Also known as acidified kratom extract, this method uses citric acid or acetic acid along with calcium hydroxide to extract a purified form of the primary psychoactive alkaloid, mitragynine. The extracted mitragynine then be used as is or reconstituted into alkaloid extracts.

What are the different potency levels?

Kratom extracts available today are typically labeled based on their potency as compared to raw leaves. It helps consumers choose extracts aligned with their needs and tolerance levels. Common potencies include:

  • 5x, 10x, 15x – This indicates how much leaf mass was used to make a certain amount of extract. For example, a 10x extract started with 10 times more leaf than the final extract weight. As the multiplier goes up, potency rises.
  • 10% Extract – This label is the exact alkaloid percentage. For example, a 10% mitragynine extract contains 10% total alkaloid content by weight, of which most is the mitragynine alkaloid. 
  • Enhanced Powders – These are raw leaves with extract added back in to boost alkaloid levels to 2-3x that of the unenhanced leaf. The enhanced red vein powder contains 30-45% total alkaloid content compared to ~15% alkaloids in plain leaf.
  • Isolates – Contain almost pure alkaloid extracts, up to 90-99% purity of a certain chemical like mitragynine. Isolates lead to the most potent effects.

It’s smart to start with lower extract potencies like enhanced leaf or 5x resins before experimenting with 10x and beyond. Only very experienced and best kratom extract users should try isolates and high-multiplier extracts due to their incredible strength.

What are the unique effects of certain extracts? 

In addition to offering different potency levels, some kratom extracts provide signature effects not found in conventional powders:

  • Gold Reserve Extract – Considered one of the strongest and longest-lasting euphoric extracts at up to 45x strength. It relieves pain and stimulates the body.
  • MIT45 Extract – An amplified extract standardized to 45% mitragynine for unrivaled analgesic effects. Pain suppression is helped by this drug.  
  • Trainwreck Extract – A powerfully stimulating and deeply relaxing strain. Invigorates mind and body while easing stress.
  • Bali X Extract – The iconic Bali leaf amplified 10X for a smooth, euphoric high. Eases anxiety and muscle tension while lifting mood. 

These are just a few of many extracts revered for specific properties like stimulating motivation and productivity, promoting relaxation before bed, or simply creating an enjoyable euphoria for recreational use without unwanted side effects.