General Care With Hospital Medical Equipment

General Care With Hospital Medical Equipment

Surgical microscopes are also part of the operating room. Most devices used for medical or dental purposes today result from advanced technologies, having more delicate parts, such as monitors and chips. Anyway, even the simplest equipment needs some care, which should start with an analysis of the need and infrastructure.

The choice of manufacturer and other purchase details are also essential. I will detail this subject in the next topics.


If carried out in a hurry, without a prior assessment of the best route, height of doors and corridors through which the equipment will pass, ideal inclination, and time, transport can become a major headache for health units. And worse, an improper path can damage or even break some parts.

Optimal Operating Conditions

Next, it is necessary to assess the environment in which the medical device will be installed, as the equipment requires adequate conditions of operation and use. Pay attention to details such as temperature, humidity, and luminosity. Consult the manufacturer’s manual whenever necessary.


Speaking of proper conditions of use, remember that the equipment has its peculiarities and is sometimes complex, which require training for handling to occur correctly. Thus, ensure that your staff will be adequately trained to operate the devices with all the necessary quality and without causing any damage.

Maintenance And Calibration

Preventive maintenance is of paramount importance to avoid operational problems. They must be done according to the period recommended by the manufacturer or whenever faults are detected in the device. In the same sense, remember always to keep the equipment well-calibrated to follow the ideal operating standards.


Constant cleaning of the machines is essential to avoid contamination and ensure all the necessary safety for patients and increase the useful life of the device.


different types of information about medical equipment like the camera control units, such as installation, maintenance, and calibration, are needed. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a record of any activity performed. Thus, in addition to complying with the law, it will be possible to track occurrences with the devices, facilitating the detection of the origin of failures and other problems.