PRP Joint Treatment at The Best Med Spa in Houston, TX. Dr T Medspa  

PRP Joint Treatment at The Best Med Spa in Houston, TX. Dr T Medspa  

PRP therapy can help your body heal from tissue injury faster. It utilizes your own blood platelets to aid natural healing. You probably learned about platelets because of their capacity to cause blood to clot as soon as you suffer from a cut in your skin. But did you additionally know that they also produce proteins known as growth factors, which aid in the regeneration of wounded tissue? 

Introducing PRP joint treatment available now at our med spa in Houston, TX. This therapy utilizes the power of your blood plasma to help with recovery from injuries. This is not a new therapy, it’s been in use, and we’ve conducted countless treatments at our medical spa. One expert at our med spa collects a blood sample and isolates the platelets. The platelet-enriched fluid is then injected into the damaged joint, which promotes tissue healing. 

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What is PRP? 

Plasma is the fluid component of blood that serves as a channel for materials traveling through the circulation, including white and red blood cells. Plasma is mostly made up of water, but it also includes glucose, proteins, nutrients, and antibodies. 

Platelets are a typical component of the blood. They release growth factors, which are molecules that stimulate growth, as well as other proteins that regulate cell division, regeneration of tissues, and healing. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a refined result of autologous blood (blood drawn from the same person) that contains more platelets than regular whole blood. PRP is a successful therapy for a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders because it contains biological components that are necessary for the body’s natural healing process. 

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PRP Preparation Procedure at Our Med Spa in Houston, TX.

The procedure normally entails drawing a sample of your own blood. This is then fed into a centrifuge, which isolates the blood cells from the plasma. This mechanism increases the quantity of platelets (and hence growth factors) by 6–10 times. This plasma now has a larger concentration of platelets, healing factors, growth hormones, and anti-inflammatory agents, which are injected into the injured joint areas. The whole treatment may be completed in a med spa like ours and typically takes around an hour.

Don’t worry! After you schedule an appointment, experts from our med spa in Houston, TX, will take you through the whole procedure and address all your concerns. 

What To Expect During PRP Joint Treatment at Our Med Spa in Houston, TX.

At Dr T Medspa, PRP starts with a consultation to determine the present state of deterioration or damage in your joint. Once we’ve determined that the therapy is appropriate for you, we’ll schedule your treatment. On the day of treatment, our nurse practitioners will draw your blood. This will then be converted into platelet-rich plasma, which our specialists will inject directly into the afflicted region. In certain cases, we will utilize ultrasound equipment to ensure that we are injecting into the correct location. The process is almost painless. PRP injections are a clinic-based procedure that doesn’t need a hospital stay. The injection process itself takes about two minutes, and the whole procedure is usually done within half an hour. Little or no tenderness can be expected at the injection site after injection.

Joint Conditions That Are Treatable With PRP Joint Treatment at Our Med Spa in Houston, TX.

Platelet-rich plasma is effective in treating soft-tissue injuries. At Dr T Medspa, PRP treatment can be used to treat a variety of sports-related injuries and joint issues including:

  • Golfers elbow
  • Tennis elbow
  • Joint pain 
  • Joint inflammation
  • Knee osteoarthritis, etc 

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