The Difference Between Drug Addiction and Dependence as per Skyward Treatment Center in Houston, TX.

The Difference Between Drug Addiction and Dependence as per Skyward Treatment Center in Houston, TX.

Most people do not understand the difference between drug addiction and dependence. People often use the terms “addiction” and “dependent” interchangeably to describe a person’s conduct while participating in a certain activity, as well as the implications of the behavior when it results in a physical illness. However, there are significant distinctions between the two terms.

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Now let us read through and get to understand what is the difference between drug addiction and dependence.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a chronic illness that is characterized by continued use of alcohol or substances, notwithstanding the negative effects. It is characterized by a complex interaction of psychological, biological, and environmental factors that results in major changes in brain function and structure. Individuals suffering from addiction struggle with intense cravings, lose control over their drug use, and continue to use despite severe effects on their physical and mental health, relationships, and general well-being.

What is Dependence?

Dependence on the other hand is a physiological state in which a person’s body has adapted to the presence of a substance, and when that drug is abruptly stopped or reduced, withdrawal symptoms ensue. Dependence can develop with prolonged use of certain substances, including prescription medications, alcohol, and illicit drugs. While dependency is often the precursor to addiction, it is possible to be dependent on a drug without being addicted.

What is The Difference Between Drug Addiction and Dependence?

Today, medical specialists use the term ‘dependency’ to describe a person’s persistent drug and alcohol abuse. Conversely, chronically addictive activities, such as continual gambling, compulsive sex, and even nonstop Internet use, may be classified as ‘addiction.’ The World Health Organization defines ‘dependency’ as a set of characteristics that evolve to become a significantly greater priority in an individual’s life than other previously important behaviors. Consider the example of a new smoker. Starting this practice is initially an extra activity, but if the user’s dependence on the high grows, it may become the main activity. This is when dependence may progress to full-fledged addiction—when drug misuse becomes the main priority.

Treatment For Drug Addiction and Dependence?

As aforementioned, dependence is often a forerunner to addiction. As the body gets accustomed and ultimately reliant on a drug, so does the mind. People struggling with addiction are often dependent on drugs, although dependents are not necessarily addicts. To treat a drug-dependent person, intervention or therapy may be required to address their substance misuse. As previously said, if your body is dependent on a drug, you can make a quick recovery by discontinuing use and coping with the withdrawal symptoms.

Individuals with addiction, on the other hand, find things more complex. Because the substance has been so interwoven in your life, immediately discontinuing it is inconceivable. However, there are a variety of addiction treatment options based on the addiction degree and the substance that is involved. In certain circumstances, addiction can be treated effectively via outpatient programs that enable the patient to continue working and spending time with their family. In other, more serious situations, inpatient treatment is required to physically and emotionally eliminate the addiction. Some patients have to return to rehab multiple times to overcome their alcohol or drug addiction.

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