Tooth extraction: Top tips to minimize your anxiety

Tooth extraction: Top tips to minimize your anxiety

While your dentist will always try to save your natural teeth, there are times when extracting an infected, damaged, or injured tooth is the only option. When your dentist tells you that getting the tooth extracted is necessary, you need to prepare yourself mentally for the procedure. Extractions are common and usually safe for most patients, but patients normally feel stressed and anxious about the experience. Before you step inside a dental practice in Powell, TN, for tooth extraction, here are some tips to consider.

Talk to your doctor

If you understand the procedure of tooth extraction, you will probably have less to worry about. The internet is full of articles and videos that can explain the details but ensure that you talk to your dentist. They have seen the x-rays and know whether the extraction is likely simple or surgical. The dentist will also answer your questions related to the procedure.

Sedation may help

Your dentist will use a local anesthetic agent to reduce pain during the extraction, but if you want to feel at ease, you may consider oral conscious sedation. It is safe and is often recommended for those who have extreme dental anxiety. Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is also a great option. If you have health concerns, let your dentist know.

Consider music

You can distract your mind through the procedure by listening to music. Get your headphones, preferably earbuds, which you can use to hear the sounds or songs you like. You can also consider something that is more interesting, like a podcast.

Go with someone

If you can bring a friend or family member to the clinic, it may give you the mental peace you need during your time in the dental chair. You can also rely on the person to drive you back home. The idea is also to ensure that there is someone to answer questions if you cannot do that.

Adhere to your doctor’s advice

After an extraction, you are expected to be careful with the instructions. Ensure you don’t smoke or use a straw that can trigger bleeding. If you have any major complications, talk to our dentist immediately and ensure that you seek care without delay.

Most people can withstand tooth extractions without any issues, but with the right mindset, you wouldn’t have to deal with the discomfort or stress related to the treatment. You can check online for dental clinics in Powell.