5 Important Volleyball Flooring Needs to Help Withstand Jumps and Bumps

5 Important Volleyball Flooring Needs to Help Withstand Jumps and Bumps

Professional-quality volleyball court surfacing needs to withstand all the jumps, bumps and slides with volleyball. The full-contact sport combines elements of basketball and soccer. To help you find the suitable material for your indoor or outdoor facility, we’ve compiled an extensive list of options available on the market today, along with their strengths and weaknesses. Here are some requirements by volleyball players for their flooring needs, thus providing sturdy flooring and quality construction.

1.   Flooring With the Ability to Absorb Impact

For most gyms, it’s ideal to have a floor that can withstand many impacts. Volleyball teams are known for jumping high into the air when they contact a ball. These powerful vertical jumps require flooring that can easily absorb the impact of these athletic movements. Suitable flooring for volleyball courts will be able to support these types of activities without causing any damage or wear and tear on your court surface.

Quality solid wood floors are great options for courts in schools or recreational facilities where many people will use them regularly. If you need more information about choosing proper volleyball court surfaces, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a sports flooring professional to help you find what you need!

2.   A Safe and Non-Slip Flooring Finish

For volleyball, it’s critical to have a non-slip surface on your gym floor. Gym flooring is generally either wood or rubberized but can be a variety of materials, including concrete. Different floor finishes will offer more traction than others, depending on whether you use wood or concrete. For example, installing high-quality solid wood surfacing in your gymnasium is an excellent way to provide safe indoor volleyball courts since it will protect players from sprains and falls.

Also, note that not all sports floors have equal capabilities: If you don’t install enough padding under your court, there may not be enough cushion between hardwood and athletes when they fall. That can result in injuries such as bruises and broken bones. To prevent these injuries, installing at least 2 inches of padding underneath each court area before applying any other finish layers is essential.

3.   Volleyball Cwitha Sturdy Floor

Volleyball is a great game, but it’s even better when playing on an athletic court with a sturdy floor. A good volleyball floor should be able to withstand jumps, spills, shots, dings, and bumps. The more activity takes place on your volleyball court, the more you need to invest in durable coatings that will handle the wear and tear well. There are many different coating systems available, each with its benefits.

Durable solid wood flooring is popular because it can stand up to most activities, including basketball and tennis. If you want your volleyball court to have an added layer of protection against scuffs and scratches, you can consider investing in a high-quality solid wood surface with increased hardness.

4.   Need for a Durable Floor Coating System

Over time, hardwood floors will start to wear down due to frequent use. Volleyball courts are no exception. High-impact sports like volleyball can put a lot of wear on a sports floor, causing cracks and chips that can make it unsafe for athletes. Volleyball courts tend to see more traffic than most athletic facilities because there is always at least one match during practice and four games simultaneously during tournaments.

Hence, players need to be able to jump high and dive without fear of tripping or falling over a loose board. Durable floor coatings need to withstand impact from heavy shoes, sharp cleats, diving headers, and even dropped balls hitting them at high speeds.

5.   A Volleyball Flooring Easy to Clean

There’s not much time to clean up your volleyball floor between matches. Fortunately, you can speed up your post-game clean-up process by choosing a high-quality surface that’s also quick and easy to wipe down. Some indoor court flooring offers more convenience than others when it comes to cleaning; solid wood floors are one such option.

The high-quality solid wood floor is highly durable, ideal for heavy use areas like gyms and sports facilities. You can easily clean a solid wood flooring with just a mop or sponge—no harsh chemicals required!


Volleyball is a demanding sport, but that’s what makes it so much fun. If you plan to install an indoor volleyball court at your gym or recreation center, choose a safe sports floor that can stand up to daily use from players who want a challenging workout. High-quality solid wood flooring on volleyball courts resists dents and scuffs making it suitable for professional volleyball players. The resistance adds durability to your installation, so you won’t have to worry about costly repairs later. Volleyball players enjoy smooth bumps under their feet when they dive for a shot. High-end wood floors with sanded finishes provide optimal traction while remaining aesthetically pleasing.