Everything about how to proceed with rear-end accidents in Las Vegas

Everything about how to proceed with rear-end accidents in Las Vegas

Rear-end accidents occur when one vehicle crashes on the rear end of another. It is one of the most common types of road crashes in the United States. In Nevada, if you are the driver of the rear car in an accident, you are presumed to be at fault. 

Normally, in a 3 car accident who is at fault is determined by the type of accident and evidence. But, in Nevada, according to the state laws, the rear-end party is at-fault unless proved otherwise. To know what to do next, continue reading the article. 

In Nevada, accident compensation is proportional to the fault of the driver. If a driver is 60% at-fault, the person should pay 60% of the damages caused. 

The compensation usually covers the medical bills of the victim, property damage, and loss of income. 

If the victim’s lawyer aggressively argues for a higher amount on the grounds of emotional trauma, then you will have to pay the settlement for that as well.

What if you are not responsible for the accident?

In some cases, the rear-end collision occurs due to the fault of the front car driver. If you are sure that the other driver is at fault, you have to consult an attorney immediately to find a way to prove it. 

Without clearing your innocence, you will have to pay compensation for no fault of your own. An experienced lawyer can help collect evidence and argue for your case. By proving your innocence, the negligent driver will be held responsible, and you will get compensation for any injury or property damage to you and your car. 

How to choose an attorney for rear-end car collisions?

There are many skilled attorneys specializing in car accidents in Las Vegas. You can browse the website of firms that handle such cases before shortlisting some of the best in the city. 

Most attorneys offer free first-time consultations, and you have no obligation to pay unless you decide to go forward with them. 

If you are a resident of Las Vegas, you can also ask your friends and family to suggest a lawyer for your case. While choosing an attorney, you must consider factors like lawyer’s fee, compatibility, experience, success rate, etc. to find a suitable one. 

Concluding thoughts 

It is possible to prove your innocence in rear-end collisions and make the negligent party pay compensation. However, you will need the help of an excellent attorney to prove your case.