How To Make Free Internet Calls

How To Make Free Internet Calls

Calling free using the Internet can help you save a lot on call credit and make it easy to reach friends and dear ones by mobile whenever you want. However, there are limitations, making free internet calls not be appropriate for all circumstances. This handy guide about free internet calls outlines all you need to know. Read on to learn more!

How Free Internet Calls Work?

Free Internet calls are made using what is typically known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP works differently than a typical landline phone system.

Unlike traditional phone calls that constantly keep an open pipeline with information streaming both ways, with a VoIP-supported call, your voice is split into small packets of data. This process is done using high-speed technology and computer processing power.

The packets are then bulleted along the line and decompressed on the other end. The other person’s conversation is also bulleted along the line simultaneously, so no particular line carries more information, making it cheap to operate.

With internet access, you can make an international call at no cost through your PC, tablet, or mobile, massively saving on phone charges. Unfortunately, if you do not have a stable internet connection, your broadband connection breaks, disconnecting your call.

What are the Different Types of Free Internet Calls?

If you and the person you call are both online, you can call free using the Internet (without any web costs), regardless of where you are.

There are various ways to make free calls through the Internet. Each needs an internet connection. However, based on the service, you can make calls through a computer, phone, or even a landline.

The best method for calling free using internet will depend on what service your friends, family, or colleagues use, as using the same route allows you to get free calls. Here are the main options:

  1. Smartphone to smartphone: If you have a smartphone with internet access, free apps, such as WhatsApp, will enable you to get free calls so long as the person on the other end is using the same service.
  2. Computer to Computer (and tablets): If you have a computer or tablet, you can also use your internet connection to make free calls through services like Google Voice.
  3. Computer/Tablet to Phone (and vice versa): You can use a tablet or Computer to call a phone for free so long as the smartphone uses the same service. However, if you call a landline or a phone that is not a smartphone from your PC or tablet, it will not be free (unless it is a toll-free number). In such cases, you are better off using an override provider.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Calling Free Using the Internet


  1. You will not use any call credit or mobile data to call.
  2. You can make a call, even without your SIM card.
  3. You can call someone (for instance, with a free calling VoIP app), even if you have no call credit remaining.
  4. You can use a free WiFi connection to make calls.


  1. Some free calling apps only enable you to call for a short period, for instance, a maximum of 5 minutes.
  2. Some free internet calling services have many adverts, possibly disrupting your calls.
  3. You might not be able to call landlines in other countries.

Wrapping Up

Calling your loved ones, friends, or colleagues abroad does not have to strain your budget. With an international call service provider like MAJORITY, you can make free internet calls whenever you want. Sign up to MAJORITY and enjoy an unrivaled experience as you connect with people overseas, even without an internet connection.