The Best things about FOPO portable monitor

The Best things about FOPO portable monitor

This crazy device has been tried and proven to transform your laptop into a three-monitor workstation.

Several Pros:

  • Productivity is boosted dramatically
  • The included charger and cables may help older computers function more reliably.
  • Extremely luminous screens


One display is exposed due to the folding design; a snug fit is essential; battery life is cut by hours without a power source.

Relevant Factors

Unfortunately, the most crucial metric for judging FOPO’s layout needs to be included in the list of requirements. The “triple laptop” frame will enclose your current laptop’s dimensions on all sides. If you want to play along at home, your computer must meet the following specifications:

  • Size ranges from 11.41 to 16.4 inches in length (291-417mm)
  • At least 9 inches tall (230mm)
  • Thicker than 0.28 inches, but not quite (7mm)

It just doesn’t work. Similarly, notebooks are tested for thickness with the lid closed. In this instance, the thickness of the upper half is relevant since it is where the screen is located. Do you plan on using your Surface Pro 8 with a dual monitor setup? That tablet is much too thick at 0.37 inches. Make sure you need the item before buying it to avoid returning it.

The FOPO display bracket is meant to be supported above your laptop’s screen

Several laptops are listed as being compatible with FOPO portable monitor. However, you shouldn’t accept that list from the Amazon site at face value. Most modern laptops can meet the minimum requirements (in my testing, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio performed well). You should check the dimensions of your computer using a ruler or the manufacturer’s specs before making a purchase go to global sourcing.

Remember to bring your laptop’s power supply during your performance

It takes a minute or two to set up the triple monitor so that the laptop screen fits perfectly into each bracket. The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio I utilized for testing was equipped with not one but two Thunderbolt 4 connections, which was a huge help. The USB-C cables are long enough that it won’t matter if your laptop’s ports are on opposite sides.

From its high power consumption and exposed screen design to its poor fit and funny name, there are many reasons to avoid purchasing FOPO’s “triple” display. The truth is, however, that we’re drawn to it. The manufacturer is quite specific about the needed dimensions of the laptop on Amazon, where FOPO portable monitor (and its competitors) may control their listings. This screen’s allure will grow as more laptops use Thunderbolt.


We are primarily concerned with the screen’s lack of protection from the elements and anticipate the addition of a sleeve or case.

For this reason, we see the “triple” display as a specialized offering from FOPO by global sourcing. That’s not a knock; it does an excellent job of satisfying the need for portable display options. If you decide to purchase it, please do so knowing all of the information presented above. …and, um, a ruler close by.