The Common Complications of Diabetics Ulcers on The Foot

The Common Complications of Diabetics Ulcers on The Foot

The diabetic wound takes a lot of effort to heal, thus no wonder health issues like ulcers of the foot  aresometimes quite complicated to treat successfully. Skilled podiatrists always advise their diabetic patients to understand the complications of foot ulcer that needs to be treated immediately.

Irvine people are lucky to have some well-experienced podiatrists like Dr. SimaSoltani who uses advanced technology medical means for foot ulcer treatment. They use FDA-approved laser medical devices to treat their patient’s foot health problems without paving way for any discomfort.

Usually, foot ulcer develops because of different reasons like wounds, blisters, ill-fit shoes and many more. Normally, over-the-counter medications or a single visit to a skilled podiatrist will help you to eradicate the foot problem.

However, a diabetic person experience a lot of complications once they are troubled with a foot ulcer.

Here are the common complications of diabetic foot ulcers:

  • Skin infection is one of the major causes of foot ulcers. If kept untreated there are chances of developing fever and the infection spreading to bones. Then, there are chances of leg amputation.
  • The fungal infection leads to the accumulation of pus in the foot area needs immediate medical treatment otherwise the spreading of infection may cause complications.
  • Sepsis forms when the infection slowly reaches the bloodstream. It usually happens when the immune system is stimulated excessively, thus the organ’s tissues are damaged. There is the formation of blotchy skin and the person realizes the difficulty in breathing normally.
  • Reduce in blood flow to foot or presence of bacterial infection effective foot tissues causes gangrene. The affected area loses its usual color, there is pus formation and the person doesn’t feel any sensation in the wounded spot. If the medication isn’t taken at right time then there are high chances of the surrounding tissues of the wound becoming black as they aren’t able to get oxygen or supply of blood. This condition is known as Ischemia, which is the initial sign of the grave health problem, gangrene.
  • Foot deformities occur when diabetes remains unchecked for a longer time. The health issues weaken the bones and muscles that lead to deformities. The most problematic is the Charcot foot as bones weaken and dislocate. People find it difficult to walk properly and if it isn’t treated as early as possible, then the foot joints won’t be functioning rightly. It usually is experienced by diabetic patients.

Foot amputation is done when all other treatments fail for preventing foot ulcers to take a grave form, which may result in the patient’s death. Once, you have its symptoms, then consult the diabetic foot ulcer treatment specialist in your region before it becomes complicated.

Proper foot care and immediate medical attention given to leg injuries may help to prevent foot ulcers. The footulcer doctor Orange Countyprovides all kinds of advanced treatment for keeping the health of the foot always good. They provide suggestions to take care of their foot’s health to prevent any kind of diabetic foot problems.