What to Expect from Different Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure and Your First Visit

What to Expect from Different Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure and Your First Visit

Do you wonder what it takes to get the smile you desire sometimes? There is nothing to wonder about it. All you need is to get an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. An experienced cosmetic dentist not only helps you get your dream smile, but they also explain the procedure and why you need those procedures. 

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on giving you a healthy and beautiful smile by improving the appearance of your teeth. Usually, cosmetic dentistry is an elective method. It is not an essential method of maintaining your oral hygiene or dental health. However, some of the treatments under this method provide restorative benefits.

For this very reason, you can find people looking for a cosmetic dentist near me. The procedures you get from Orion Dental Specialties make you feel more confident when you smile, as your smile is as beautiful as it is healthy. With Orion Dental Specialties around you, you don’t have to suffer from chipped or missing teeth, crooked teeth, or teeth discoloration. So, here is your guide about the different procedures of cosmetic dentistry and what happens when you visit a cosmetic dentist for the first time. 

Different cosmetic dentistry procedures

Inlays and outlays are a procedure of indirect filling. Cosmetic dentists use this method to treat insufficient tooth structure and mild and moderate decay to support the filling. Inlays and outlays restore the shape of teeth, strengthen the teeth and avoid deterioration or further cavities.

Teeth whitening are the most popular procedure among cosmetic dentistry procedures. It is a simple and quicker way of changing your smile. It is the best choice for people who don’t want to indulge in lengthy procedures and for those who don’t need anything, but a light brightening.

Dental bonding or enamel bonding is the procedure to help people with chipped or teeth with deep stains. On the other hand, Dental veneers are caps dentists put over your natural teeth. These veneers resolve many cosmetic problems such as damaged or cracked enamel, crooked teeth, and a natural gap you see between two teeth.

A dental implant is a procedure cosmetic dentist’s use for replacing damaged or lost teeth. It is hard to distinguish these implants from surrounding natural teeth. Once the supporting tissues and bone fuse to the implant, it sets permanently into the place. 

People think braces are suitable for kids, and no adult wants to get braces. Invisalign braces are an option for adults. The best thing about Invisalign braces is no one can distinguish whether you are wearing them or not. Cosmetic dentists use this procedure to correct misalignments that cause you pain.

What happens at the first visit to a cosmetic dentist?

The first visit to a cosmetic dentist Cypress TX is more like having a get to know you session. It is the same experience you have when you first visit a general or family dentist. Sometimes, cosmetic dentistry uses complex or progressive procedures to transform a patient’s smile. These procedures help improve the overall appearance of the teeth and restore function.

A patient stakes a lot when visiting a cosmetic dentist. It is essential that a patient feel confident in the abilities of the cosmetic dentist and feel comfortable in their care. The first visit to a cosmetic dentist begins similarly to your visit to any general dentist. However, rather than jumping right into examinations, cosmetic dentists frequently sit down with their patients first to talk about their treatment goals.

A Cypress TX cosmetic dentist needs to figure out the reason why the patient desires to achieve cosmetic dentistry as different people have different reasons to go for cosmetic dentistry. While improving aesthetics is the priority for some people, many others want to prevent further damage or tooth loss, or some wish to increase function. After grasping the core of the patient’s treatment goals, the dentist moves further with the examinations. A dentist needs to have a clear picture of the overall oral health situation of the patient. 

They may feel there is a need to handle some issues before beginning the actual treatment procedure. In this case, some characteristics may obstruct the treatment and force a different course of treatment. 

This part of your first visit to the cosmetic dentist may include – 

  • Imaging or X-ray to assess the underlying tooth structure
  • An exam to detect oral cancer
  • Examining the patient’s bite
  • A check for the signs of damage, decay, or carrier
  • A neck or head examination

A cosmetic dentist may also check whether you need a fluoride treatment or restoration. 

Exploring the options

After finishing the examination, the dentist will spend the rest of the appointment reviewing your test results and exploring the treatment options. To create realistic expectations, dentists sometimes use before-after photos and computer models to show the patient the changes they will get after the treatment. 

If you are willing, they can go for teeth whitening, implants, veneers, or crowns. The dentist may bring up the color and size options. Sometimes, the dentist needs a clear picture of your upper and lower teeth so that they can get an idea of your existing smile.