Can I Now Travel to Europe with a Vaccination Card?

Can I Now Travel to Europe with a Vaccination Card?

Education does not happen solely within the four premises of the school; it also occurs everywhere. Thus, modernism is unstoppable, for there is always something new to learn and discover every day-even amidst the ongoing dissemination of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 for two years straight.

eCommerce was proven and tested to be useful in emergencies such as the pandemic. Such accomplishment is reachable thanks to the assistance of the invented technological advancements like laptops, personal computers, mobile devices that can be connected to the Internet and make the magic take place in communication and gaining knowledge despite people being in the safety of their home.

The only thing that was restricted during these trying times was traveling.

Traveling is just as significant as any other. It is another form of erudition—not with scholarship or certification, but with learning how to empathize, sympathize, control emotions, and know new things from a certain person’s beliefs, origin, culture, etc.

With the great control by the local governments of various countries and their health experts, it is not as easy to do travel and leisure, unlike the old times. It is no longer uncomplicated to enter and exit whichever country that a person is in. Several tourists and OFWs who finished their term were stuck in the states they visited when high restrictions were established worldwide.

Thus, to not prolong the hanged-up situation that everybody faced, antivirals were made, such as Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Janssen, to fight off the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, a rapid antigen test is point-of-care testing that detects if a virus is present or absent in an individual.

Not only that but there was also a rapid antigen test for travel and a fit to fly COVID test. Through these physical examinations, traveling is now applicable for those who are not infected by the contagion.

Another good news is that some cities or countries don’t need too many requirements for foreigners and locals coming back. These states are solely accepting vaccination cards not to lengthen the process.

You can read articles on the Internet if a country is too much restricted with its tourism industry. However, suppose you would like to go and visit Europe, then you are on the right page.

Read the infographic below as Harley Medic International answers the question if you can travel to Europe with only a vaccination card: