4 Features to Consider When Comparing Paddle Boards 

4 Features to Consider When Comparing Paddle Boards 

When looking for the Honu paddle boards, always prioritize getting accurate information about the available brand and types. With the existing varieties of SUPs, making a suitable choice is cumbersome. Unfortunately, you can’t risk making blind choices. That is how most people made wrong decisions, which culminated in regrettable losses. So, don’t be in a hurry when searching for this equipment. You will need time to check the various available boards before making a choice. The best method of finding a good board is by comparing the available ones. This process might take a while, but it is effective. Listed below are features to check when comparing these boards.

Fixed vs. Removable Fin Setup 

Some SUPs have permanently attached fins. A stand up paddle board with this fin system is inflexible because it is effective for specific paddle boarding activities. However, the owners of such boards never have to worry about losing their fins. SUPs with removable fin setup offer flexibility to the users. You can swap the fins to fit the changing conditions of the ocean or lake. However, there is a possibility of either losing or forgetting the fins at home. Apart from this inconvenience, the detachable fin system is a great option.

Low vs. High-Density Deck Pad 

The deck pad is placed on the surface of the board to provide comfort for the rider. High-end SUP paddle board brands invest in high-quality grades of foam rubber. They might resemble the cheaper versions, but their comfort level is exceptional. With such a premium comfort offered by a high-density deck pad, you can enjoy this sport for a very long time. If your budget is tight, opt for affordable paddle boards with a low-density deck pad.

Quality Inflation Valve 

The inflation valve is a vital part of the inflatable stand up paddle board. This valve is the inlet and outlet for inflating and deflating SUP. When this feature is faulty, you might never use the board again. So, you must pick a SUP with the best inflation valve. It might be hard to identify a great valve if you lack adequate knowledge regarding inflatable boards. To make a great choice, seek expert advice from trusted dealers, sales representatives, or manufactures such as Honu.

Handle Options 

When buying the inflatable boards, you should check their handle options too. Carrying this board to the lake or ocean shouldn’t be a problem. Most manufacturers are very creative in placing handles for the SUP paddle board. They prioritize the comfort of the user when holding or carrying the inflatable board. They will also ensure the handles don’t affect the board’s stability or performance.