How to Cope With a Plumbing Emergency

How to Cope With a Plumbing Emergency

During the summer months in the UK, the chances are that you won’t have the heating on at all. Because of this, you probably won’t notice if the boiler has developed a problem or stopped working. A lot of damage can occur in the summer months, which goes unnoticed.

One of the busiest times for plumbers is during the first cooler spell of the year when people start putting their heating on and finding that the boiler has failed, or it starts leaking all over the floor.

At this point, most people will need an emergency plumber and drainage service in a hurry.

Calling Out The Professionals In An Emergency

Having water all over the floor harms the building, and wet carpets cause problems as they become a breeding ground for mould; not to mention the carpet will be stained and probably ruined. Because water obeys gravity, the water will flow down, affecting the ceiling of the people below your apartment or your own rooms below.

This means it is a significant priority to stop leaking water flowing. If you know where the water mains tap is, first shut it off. Then call an emergency plumbing service immediately.

Having a plumber come to your home usually means that they can quickly discover the cause of the problem and fix the leak. This will help in the short term. While the root cause of the problem might be able to be fixed immediately, it is also possible that they will have to come back at another time to finish the job; especially if it requires additional parts, they do not have with them.

Making sure the plumber you choose is appropriately qualified is important. Bad plumbers are the cause of many of the problems which pop up in an emergency. However, if you have an immediate problem, you will need more time to check that the plumber you choose is properly qualified and accredited, so it will be a case of hoping for the best.

For this reason, it is always a good idea to find a good drainage company before a crisis arises and put their contact details somewhere safe – in the same way you would the emergency medical services or the local police.

Make sure you only call out an emergency plumber for a genuine emergency. If it can wait for a routine appointment, you will avoid higher fees, and the job will end up being quite a bit cheaper.

If you have a problem with the water supply and find no water comes out when you turn on the taps, remember to first check with your neighbours. It might be a problem with the mains water supply, so make sure the problem is unique to your home only before you call out a professional.

If you are faced with an emergency plumbing situation, do not try to fix it yourself. Even if you are proficient at mending leaky taps or unblocking the kitchen sink, an emergency where water leaks rapidly into your home can cause much damage. If you do not know exactly what you are doing, it is highly likely you will make matters worse.