3 Trending Healthcare Jobs in Canada: Applying for the Right Job

3 Trending Healthcare Jobs in Canada: Applying for the Right Job

You shouldn’t be aiming to get just another job in Canada. You moved to the new land with dreams, hopes, desires, and a goal in your head and heart. If you’re still confused about what you should be doing in Canada, we have some insights.

There are some trending jobs in Canada. Well, we’re not going to tell you about the current opening. Perhaps you need to look at Hunt.ca for more details regarding job opportunities.

We are going to unravel the 3 trending jobs in the healthcare industry (Canada). Let’s get into the article right away!

Note: Canada needs a workforce, especially in the healthcare industry. Labor/workforce is going to be in demand for the next five years, so here’s your chance to grab the opportunities that come your way.

  1. Registered Nurse

Nursing tops the list as one of the best jobs in Canada. Most of the nurses retire before the age of 65. You would notice that most of the nurses in Canada are between 40 to 64.

Nurses are needed due to the onset of chronic diseases and also the increase in the aging population. The aging population needs someone to care for them. Registered nurses take on the important role of primary caregivers.

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  • Licensed Practical Nurse

Registered nursing and licensed practical nursing are two different directions. However, the reasons for choosing this career path are quite similar. However, the LPN workforce is much younger than the RNs. They are going to retire at some point and new opportunities will come along.

Quebec, Alberta, BC, and other places in Canada require LPNs.

  • Occupational Assistant

Freeing up beds is a necessity in hospitals. You cannot keep a patient for too long. Sometimes home care is required, and there are patients who prefer it over staying in a hospital.

Occupational therapists or physiotherapists help injured and sick people to move comfortably without any concerns. Improving mobility and helping in improving one’s quality of life are the key goals of an occupational assistant or physiotherapist.

Summing up

We hope this guide gave you an insight into the kind of healthcare jobs you will find in Canada. Expect a handsome salary at some of the hospitals and clinics. You could also take this up as a part-time career.

The decision is yours. However, we can suggest you check out the job listings on Synergie Hunt.