5 Factors that you must consider while buying a diamond ring

5 Factors that you must consider while buying a diamond ring

Are you looking for a perfect diamond engagement ring? You have landed the right page as we will disclose some top factors that you must check before finalizing your purchase. Shopping for a diamond ring can be exciting and once you know the basics of the same, things will get easier to finalize.

Pick a professional jeweler or a reputed brand if you want no compromise on the quality and guarantee. Follow these factors to get more insight and make your shopping of diamond ring simpler. For instance, Faith Brand diamond eternity rings are one of the popular brands to consider.

5 Factors to consider while buying a diamond ring:

  1. Go through the four Cs:

One of the essential factors to consider is learn the four Cs: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. You may find a lot of information about these online as well as at the store. However, it would be wise to learn these details online before approaching the seller. Once you are through with the 4Cs, decide which C is most important to you.

  1. Ask the diamond cut and style:

Learn the difference between a cut and shape of the diamond. You may get various shapes of diamond such as pear, oval, heart, square, etc… Choose a fancy shape of you wish to save money. However, cut may slightly differ in meaning. A cut style may range from round to oval and even square. Round cut is the most common amongst all.

  1. Inspect quality in different lightings:

Diamonds look different in different lighting conditions. Most jewelers may use bright spotlight to focus on diamond and make it dazzle more. However, you must also check the diamond in fluorescent light. These lights bring out the actual brightness of diamond. Similarly, incandescent lights display diamond’s fire and both lights together show diamond’s fire and brilliance.

  1. Choose the right metal:

A few good brands offer you globally accepted metals like rose gold, platinum, white gold, and yellow. Gold and platinum have different features. Thus, you may have to understand the appearance and benefits of using each metal before finalizing one.

  1. Select side stones:

If you wish to make the ring bigger, you must choose side stones as well with your diamond engagement or wedding rings. Three stone rings are one of the most common. Check more unique designs by Faith Brand diamond eternity rings.