Features of Motor Yacht Rental in Barcelona

Features of Motor Yacht Rental in Barcelona

Compared to sailing vessels, motor yachts are faster and more comfortable. Moreover, motorized watercraft have a shallow draft, allowing them to be used in shallow waters. Renting a motor yacht in Barcelona is an affordable service. Motor yachts are classified into several categories:

  • displacement yacht;
  • motorboat;
  • planing yacht.

The quality of the trip and the cost of renting a boat depend on the watercraft’s parameters. If you plan to travel with 6-7 friends, a small vessel will be perfect. It’s better to choose a larger yacht with extra space. The final cost includes the services of a skipper.

The main part of the rental fee includes fuel costs. Motorized watercraft consume a significant amount of fuel. The further the travel route, the higher the final price. On average, a boat moves at 20-40 knots in moderate winds. Small models consume 80-160 liters of fuel per hour. A boat with a 1500 hp engine can consume 350 liters of gasoline in 60 minutes. Therefore, when choosing a route, consider the amount of fuel the watercraft will consume.

When renting a watercraft, pay attention to the year of its construction. Charter vessels are intensively used, and after a few years of service, instruments and equipment may break down, and their appearance may deteriorate. Retro yachts deserve special attention. They are often rented for weddings, prom nights, and photo sessions. These boats with history are always kept in perfect condition. You can embark on an exciting journey, enjoying the atmosphere of nobility. If you are interested in renting a motor yacht in Barcelona, you can order the service on the website at https://barcelonaboatrental.com/rent/yacht-barcelona/, using a convenient electronic form.

Yachts must undergo regular maintenance. Renting boats from reputable companies is essential since they value each customer and monitor the quality and safety of watercraft.

The duration of the event is one of the important rental conditions. If you plan an overnight trip, rent a watercraft with sleeping accommodations and the necessary number of cabins.

The boat’s finish and interior must meet relaxation requirements. To ensure the interior perfectly matches the client’s demands, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the watercraft in advance. This can be done through photos or personal visits.

Barcelona is characterized by a favorable location and a well-developed water transport system. Many yacht routes run along the coast of Barcelona. By renting a motor yacht, you can enjoy a beautiful sea trip. This service is quite popular due to its affordable price. Choosing the right vessel is not an easy task, and many important factors should be considered.