Five Creative Ways to Display Jewellery in Your Store 

Five Creative Ways to Display Jewellery in Your Store 

Looking for some cool ways to showcase the jewelry in your store? Well, we are brimming with some bright ideas! 

There are some interesting ways to display jewelry. You need to start thinking out of the box. 

Let’s not forget that jewelry can be expensive. It’s easy for shoplifters to pick something and run, so be wise about the case you choose for showcasing the jewelry. 

Here’s an article that showcases the six ways to display jewelry in your store. We have some unconventional ways and others are chosen with safety in mind. Let’s take a quick look! 

Why Jewellery Display Really Matters 

The reason you need to focus on jewelry display is that people want to see what you have in store. 

You can attract a lot more customers through the display. Of course, you can go for conventional displays, but there are some creative ways too. 

When you present the jewelry in a conventional or an unconventional way, the sales are higher. This way people get a feel of what you are offering. 

Maybe the display drew the people in and they want to make an immediate purchase. Thanks to the display! Shoppers will always stop and walk into your store if they see an appealing display. 

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? 

As you move forward, find out the five ways to display the jewelry in your store. 

The 5 Appealing Ways to Display the Jewellery in Your Store 

#1 Use Full Vision Cases 

A full vision case is when you get to fully display the case. There is more space inside so you can keep as many pieces of jewelry.  

# 2 The Beauty of Half Vision Cases 

Half-vision cases allow the shopper to get a better view of the jewelry. It gives you the chance to view the intricate work on the jewelry. 

# 3 Wooden planks 

You can get wooden planks installed in the store and place the jewelry on them. This works if the jewelry is not as expensive. Make sure you have CCTV cameras all over the store because shoplifters find it easy to pick up the jewelry and leave. 

# 4 Recycled bottles 

Showcase the bracelets and necklaces on the neck of the recycled bottles. Make sure the bottles are colored beautifully. This is a good unconventional idea to showcase your pretty junk jewelry. 

For classic products like diamond necklaces and bracelets, you need something refined like a half vision case or a full vision case. 

# 5 Get a mannequin 

You could get the hand or the neck with a head for displaying the bracelets and neckpieces. This gives the shopper an idea of how the jewelry piece would look on them. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Feel free to choose any of these display ideas. You could mix and match and bring some half-vision, full-vision cases, along with mannequins, and wooden planks. 

Make sure the expensive items are secured in a half-vision or full-vision case. You can get these from Displetech!