Five Treatment Options for Broken Teeth in Brooklyn, New York

Five Treatment Options for Broken Teeth in Brooklyn, New York

There are many reasons your teeth can break, such as after a fall or being hit by another person on the teeth. Sometimes, chewing solid candy or ice can also lead to a broken tooth. If you have a broken tooth, you may try to hide your smile, especially if it’s the front tooth. Thankfully, an experienced dentist in Brooklyn, New York, can perform different dental procedures to correct a broken tooth. These procedures include the following:

 Ceramic Filling

A ceramic filling can be applied to a broken tooth to strengthen it. It restores nearly all of the strength of the tooth to its natural state. Sometimes, this can be accomplished in one sitting with the right technology. Also, ceramic inlays or dental crowns can be used for more situations where more resistant materials are required. In this case, a temporary restoration is installed at the first appointment. The installation of the final restoration will be done at another visit. 

Dental Bonding

If the affected part of the tooth has a small surface, the exposed portion of the pulp is often applied with a sedative bandage. Sometimes, the pulp may scar or be completely cured. But a temporary filling may be placed to rebuild the affected tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

If a big part of the pulp is impacted or the patient suffers from serious pain because of the broken tooth, a root canal procedure may need to be performed. This procedure involves keeping the natural tooth’s solid shell and getting rid of the soft portion of the pulp. Root canal treatment is often carried out if the tooth’s structure and support are in great shape.  

Dental Crowns

After a root canal procedure and the pain has been addressed, a dentist may apply a crown to give the tooth reinforcement and restore its integrity. Dental crowns cover teeth and are designed to maintain, protect, and improve the look of damaged teeth.  

Dental Implants

If a broken tooth is beyond repair because of damages suffered from tooth decay, gum disease, or infection, it may need to be pulled out. In this case, the natural tooth can be replaced with a dental implant. The implant is a great replacement for a broken or missing tooth. Placing the implant involves installing a titanium post into the jaw. After it settled, the dentist will place an artificial tooth into the post. This tooth looks and functions like a natural tooth.