How Effective Leadership can Enhance Team Productivity?

How Effective Leadership can Enhance Team Productivity?

A leader who can build a high-performing team must be able to bring out the best in themselves and others.

To become more flexible and efficient, companies are moving away from hierarchical organizational structures to team-based ones. 53 percent of the companies that experienced the change reported a marked increase in productivity.

According to this model, there is a growing demand for managers and leaders who can encourage cross-functional collaboration within their organizations and guide subordinates in challenging business situations.

Here are some strategies for improving team performance if you want to empower your people to reach their full potential and contribute to the success of your organization.


“The art of delegation is one of the key skills any entrepreneur must master,” said Richard Branson, a British billionaire, entrepreneur, commercial astronaut and business magnate.

Every manager must be able to delegate effectively. When you give team members ownership of important tasks and responsibilities, you increase their engagement and reward.

Leverage your employees’ strengths when delegating and make sure they have the necessary resources and knowledge to get the job done. Be willing to accept their failures too. The failure of a project or initiative can be a useful learning experience that encourages further development.

Make decisions together:

Involving team members in the decision-making process can lead to creative answers that you may not have thought of on your own.

According to the Management Essentials online course, “constructive conflict” is one of the key benefits of team decision-making. Individuals challenge group assumptions and bring different perspectives to the discussion.

You can encourage more original problem-solving and help your team make better decisions by stimulating discussion and considering different perspectives.

Give feedback and ask for feedback:

Providing effective feedback is a very important management skill. Rather than waiting for an annual review period, provide your employees with regular informal feedback to foster closer working relationships.

Avoid summaries like “good job” and treat this informal review more like a conversation. Your suggestions should be specific and helpful.

Don’t forget to ask for comments too. Your leadership development plan can be enhanced by including observations of your team members.

Be yourself:

Authenticity is a highly desirable leadership quality. According to a recent study, employees’ perceptions of authentic leadership are the best indicators of job satisfaction and can improve attitudes and job satisfaction.

The ability to instill faith in others is one of the hallmarks of an authentic leader. Being open and honest with your team will help you achieve alignment and increase motivation, whether you are leading an organizational change initiative or chairing an important meeting.

Bardya Ziaian Toronto is a great and well-known leader in Canada who has been very active in improving team productivity in his business and has also been a film critic for more than 8 years. Bardya Ziaian founded Virtual Brokers and BBS Securities where he served as President and CEO in 2017.