Secrets to Building a Successful Multilingual ECommerce Store

Secrets to Building a Successful Multilingual ECommerce Store

Do you know how many languages exist in the world? More than 7500 languages are spoken worldwide, and 23 of them are the languages spoken by a majority of the population.

Being a brand owner of a savvy eCommerce business, you always want to grow online and keep thriving. Do you always have to give importance to multiple languages?

You might feel amazed, “Why are multi-languages so important?”

With the rise of globalization, the internet has become a global marketplace, so adopting multilingual eCommerce website management can allow your business to grow beyond your expectation and imagination.

However, integrating various languages on the eCommerce website is still a nightmare for business owners.

An eCommerce store with multi language features is one of the most crucial requirements you can’t ignore if you want to trade globally. This post will go through the advantages of an eCommerce store with multiple languages, and we will also let you know about multilingual eCommerce website management.

Extensive Data Research 

Initially, going through the in-depth data analysis when you plan to add a multilingual store to your eCommerce store. It has been noticed that B2B customers also behave like B2C customers and before making deals they turn to the internet to do extensive research. Tracking the location and numbers of visitors is very important for your organization. You can use google analytics to determine the geographical locations having maximum possibilities of converting potential customers. Data analysis from the “location overview” section determines the maximum number of organizations/individuals visiting your store from various locations.

For example, if around 35% of your traffic is from Spain, but your content is unavailable in Spanish, you might have to translate it to better understand the local Spanish businesses. It will also give them a better understanding of the product description and checkout navigation.

Reaching Global Customers

According to the research, customers need to be exposed to the brand around seven times before they shop online. Hence, it is a clear indication that you need multiple channels to reach your potential customers across the globe and use the localized omnichannel product to reach potential customers. The content of Localized omnichannel makes brand credibility via increasing visibility, discoverability and consistent messaging and gives more platforms for customer engagement. These benefits expedite the journey of buyers and also increase conversion rates. Some of the best channels include:-

  • Printed and Digital Media
  • Mobile Application
  • Social Media

Helps Boost Conversion Rates and Reduce Bounce Rates

According to the latest research of CSA on 8079 customers across 29 nations, around 76% of online shopping persons prefer buying products having information in their native language. It also has been observed that 40% of online shoppers won’t buy anything from websites that are not in their native language. As per the stats, the eCommerce store with multi language is crucial for your business. If you own a multilingual website, there is a high possibility that foreign customers will browse your products and will stay on your website for a longer time.

Be More globally relevant

Having a language store will assist your company’s brand become more diverse and universally applicable. Because of this, when you consider their specific cultural needs, potential clients from other countries will be more able to relate to and trust your brand.

Adopting terminology your audience is familiar with increases trust and sales.

For Example,  English speakers prefer “jumper” over the American term “sweater.” If an English consumer enters an internet store, they are more likely to trust and purchase from you if you characterize the item as a jumper rather than a sweater.

Additionally, your marketing campaigns may be customized to target distinct regional seasons and events. If you only want to sell particular products in a specific area, you can change the inventory as much as you like to produce relevant material to that country.


It is fascinating to go global and make your international brand presence. Having an international reach can give your organization new opportunities to grow in international territories and increase your web traffic, sales, and revenue multiple times. However, an eCommerce store with multilanguage is a complex process. A multilanguage store is an eCommerce platform that perfectly accommodates different regions, cultures, and language differences. It enables this as per the location of the traffic and optimizes the eCommerce store specially to meet the need of the customer. The most vital part of this process is to ensure that your audience from all over the globe can navigate and understand your store easily, from the landing page to making payment.

We can conclude that the manual translation method, i.e., making a new website according to region and language, works best for seamless language translation and will help your organization to reach more customers globally. Choose the best B2B eCommerce solution.

 To make your website multilingual. Apart from this, having an independent website per region and language will assist your brand in ranking top in the SERP. However, do not work with this technology blindly before investing your precious money and time, do thorough research and data analysis to check whether the technology is suitable for your website or not.