10 Best Souvenirs from Lombok to Bring Home

10 Best Souvenirs from Lombok to Bring Home

Source: www.indonesia.travel

When you are on vacation in Lombok you must plan to buy souvenirs for your loved ones when you get home. Well, you may then be confused about what souvenirs you can buy in Lombok to bring back home. So instead of being confused, just look at the reviews below.

  • Sasak Songket Fabric

The typical souvenir of West Nusa Tenggara that truly represents Lombok is the Sasak Songket Fabric. According to Lombok’s locals, woven fabrics are closely related to many aspects of their culture. Uniquely, the Sasak people, as indigenous people, carry out rituals before weaving this Lombok traditional handicraft.

  • Lombok Nuance T-shirt

If in Jogja you can buy Dagadu T-shirts, in Lombok you have to buy Lombok-style T-shirts. Besides being comfortable to use while on vacation, you can give these shirts to your family at home.

  • Seaweed Dodol

Dodol seaweed in the city of Lombok is different from that of other cities in Indonesia. Souvenirs from Lombok have their specialties, such as a soft texture resembling jelly and not sticky. It looks attractive with various colors.

  • Tuak Manis or Sweet Tuak

Tuak Manis, typical of West Nusa Tenggara is a typical Lombok liquor that does not make you drunk. This traditional drink is made from Palm or commonly known as Enao Tree. This ingredient is then tapped from the palm fruit bunches using bamboo. This drink has even become one of the favorite souvenirs to many of tourists.

  • Lombok Terasi

Terasi Lombok can be another option to be used as souvenirs. This typical Lombok souvenir is usually consumed as a food flavoring and a mixture of Lombok specialties such as Taliwang Chicken and Puyung Race Rice. To get it, you can visit a typical Lombok souvenir shop or traditional market.

  • Clay Craft

For those of you who like clay crafts such as Anglo, Cauldron, Guci, Maling Crane, and so on, it is mandatory to bring home some of these local crafts as souvenirs typical of Lombok. Most of the pottery sellers are in West Lombok.

  • Lombok Pearl

West Nusa Tenggara is also known as a pearl paradise. You can find this beautiful and alluring pearl in the Sekarbela area, located in the city of Mataram. The pearls produced can come from seawater shells of shellfish cultured in freshwater. Usually, from freshwater culture, these pearls are oval and are more memorable than seawater pearls. The difference with those seawater pearls, freshwater pearls provide various color choices such as black, blue, pink, white, orange, green, red, and yellow.

  • Sumbawa Honey

Another souvenir from Lombok and West Nusa Tenggara that must be brought home is Sumbawa honey. This honey is different from most honey because there is one type of white honey from bees that nest in white corals.

  • Sumbawa Wild Horse Milk

Make sure you try the milk from the Sumbawa wild horse! That said, the content contained in wild horse milk can be helpful as a panacea in healing various diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Wild Horse Milk Candy

Besides milk, you can also buy wild horse milk candy as souvenirs. This home industry processed candy is made from fresh buffalo milk or horse milk. The milk is still very easy to obtain because Desa Penyaring, one of the villages in NTB, also produces fresh milk from cows and horses, which can be an alternative for souvenirs typical of Lombok.

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