Custom Thread Gauges Ordering Process

Custom Thread Gauges Ordering Process

Custom thread gauges need to be sourced regularly if you are manufacturing threaded components in your manufacturing unit. Trapezoidal thread gauge or Whitworth thread gauge is an inspection tool and depending on the nature of the components you manufacture, the specifications of the thread gauge you need to use will vary. If you are required to order custom thread gauges, here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind during the ordering process.

Get the accurate specifications ready before you could send your requirements to the suppliers. The Whitworth thread gauge or the NPT thread gauge specifications should be carefully calculated by the most experienced experts in this field so that you do not run into any kind of issues when ordering your thread gauges or thread taps.

The next important step is finding the right match for your requirements. Only certain manufacturers are ready to meet your custom requirements and others go with standard specifications. Identifying your custom thread gauge manufacturer is going to take some time. Allow yourself enough time for this process because if you don’t then you will be going with a supplier that may not be the best fit for your needs.

How do you know that the thread gauge manufacturer is the right fit for your needs? They should be ready to deal with the order volume you have at hand. Some manufacturers will be ready to handle only high volume orders others will be ready to deal only with small volume orders. You are required to find a manufacturer that can handle your requirements regardless of the volume at hand.

Will your supplier be able to meet your requirements in a timely fashion? When it comes to custom thread gauge manufacturing process, the supplier will be commencing the work only after receiving your requirements. They need to start the process from the scratch. So, this is going to be a time consuming process unlike the readymade thread gauges of standard sizes. If the manufacturer that you are selecting is already busy then they will not be able to meet your requirements in a timely fashion and you will not be able to inspect the components that you need to inspect in your factory.

How much is it going to cost you to get the custom thread gauges delivered to you? Here there are two cost components – the production cost and the shipping cost. You should be able to get your custom thread gauges at the most competitive rates. This should cover both the components mentioned above. If the cost of the thread gauges should increase frequently then your sourcing expenses will increase too. Look for the most trusted companies to take care of your requirements so that you are totally happy with the quality as well as the prices. You should not compromise one for the other. Any attempt to sacrifice on the quality for the sake of cost savings will only eventually result in increased expenses.