Is it Good to Take your Personal Injury Case to Trial?

Is it Good to Take your Personal Injury Case to Trial?

No one wants to get into legal difficulties, and hence, always try to settle the case with another party. In many cases, settlement happens, and it is a win-win for everyone involved in the personal injury case. However, in some cases, no one agrees to the same terms and conditions. The attorney may suggest that going to trial is the best option. When you find a lawyer for a personal injury case, you should look for one who has experience in both dealing with settlements and trials. Besides that, if you hire an Ontario injury lawyer, you won’t have to worry about trials. 

Merits of trials

Many legal experts believe that every case must go through trials because it can offer several benefits to the plaintiff. Some of them are:

  • You are likely to get more money if you take your case to trial because the judge and jury review all your documents showing your injuries, pain and suffering, damages, and losses. After verifying the facts of the case, your compensation will be awarded, which is not the case of settlement.
  • The injured person may feel more relieved if he wins the case in court. In trials, the plaintiff fights to prove that the defendant was guilty at the time of the accident. In a settlement, he will never accept his fault. Many people don’t want to live with this guilt, and hence, they believe that going to court may be the best option for them.
  • If you have physically and emotionally been hurt during the accident and you want to punish the defendant for his wrongdoings, you can consider going to trial. However, you need to have supporting documents in your favor to do so. Just getting someone punished for your anger is not ethical.

Demerits of trials 

It is vital to learn the demerits of trials and attending court. Some of these demerits are:

  • Trials are expensive because you will have to pay for court fees, lawyer’s fees, and other court expenses such as stamps and postal. You need to be sure it’s worth your time and money by discussing it with a qualified personal injury lawyer.
  • If you take your case to trial, you will always have a fear of losing your case. In case you lose, you will not get even a penny from the negligent party.

A good personal injury lawyer can help you win the case at trial.