Vacuum Pumps: Here is What You Should Know!

Vacuum Pumps: Here is What You Should Know!

Whatever your vacuum pumping needs are, selecting the right vacuum pump or upgrading to a better one can be very tricky. Vacuum pumps may seem like simple suction devices, but there is a lot more to them than most people think. 

There are many things you have to consider before you choose a vacuum pump. Simple things like vacuuming level and pumping speed can affect the efficacy of your vacuuming job tremendously. 

That’s why choosing the right type of vacuum pump and choosing advanced, high-quality vacuum pumps, like LeDab vacuum pumps, is absolutely crucial. 

You need to know that each vacuum pump has its own benefits, limitations, and operating range and requires specific process conditions. These are some of the things you have to understand and take into account while choosing a vacuum pump.  

Three Things to Consider While Buying a Vacuum Pump

The main things that you have to focus on are the efficiency and the capabilities of your vacuum pump. Your vacuum pump has to be able to do exactly the jobs that you want it to do, and it has to be able to do them efficiently. 

Here are three things you have to take into account while buying a vacuum pump

  1. Pumping speed and vacuuming level
  2. Process impacts on pumps
  3. Pump impact on the process

Let’s dig a little deeper into all these three factors.

  • Pumping Speed and Vacuuming Level

Based on vacuum level, you can choose a vacuum pump in the rough vacuum range (10 3 mbar to 1 mbar) to ultra-high vacuum (10 -7 mbar to 10 -12 mbar) and even extremely high vacuum levels like 10 -7 mbar to 10 -12 mbar. As far as pumping speed is considered, it is usually measured in m3h-1 either or 1/s. 

  • Process Impact on Pump

The process may and does impact the way pumps work. That’s why you have to evaluate all aspects of the vacuum very carefully. You need to consider factors such as dust or debris from the process, venting, vibrations, corrosive gases, etc. all these factors can impact pumps. 

  • Pump Impact on Process

The way your vacuum pump works may affect the application of the process as well. Such factors should also influence your choice of vacuum pumps. Things like hydrocarbon emissions, noise, heat, etc., can affect the process. 


The efficiency of your vacuum pump depends to a large extent on the type of vacuum pump you use. Although they come in hundreds of different types, they all have basic and specific characteristics, such as speed, vacuum levels, electricity consumption, etc. It’s up to you to choose a vacuum pump with the right set of characteristics.