CBD marketing tactics in 2022: what should you know?

CBD marketing tactics in 2022: what should you know?

Are you interested in the world of marketing and the cannabis sector? So, roll up your sleeves because you have many creative ways to advertise CBD. Do not worry, we are not telling you this to discourage you, quite the opposite. 

Although legal restrictions considerably limit advertising in this industry, you should start promoting your brand to position at the time of market regularization. This is a standardized preliminary marketing plan for the majority of businesses dedicated to the sale of Medicinal Cannabis in the world.


Medicinal Cannabis has revolutionized the world. It is a business in full expansion and with a large emerging market. There are dozens of marketing ideas for CBD. However, there are still many limitations, and it is important to see it as a long-term business depending on the policies of the country or region where you are located. Because water pipes smoke Bongs are not legal in all countries.


Your specific objectives are –

  • Present, communicate and promote the benefits of Medicinal Cannabis or CBD
  • Brand positioning in digital media
  • Generation of product sales through digital channels

Digital Objectives –

Being in the first organic search options in Google with at least 05 main keywords –

  • Medical Cannabis America
  • Sale of medical cannabis
  • CBD sale
  • CBD Medical Cannabis Benefits

Target Audience

Men and women between the ages of 25 and 65 with health problems and purchasing power are the ideal candidates. Remember that those who buy your product do not do it out of pleasure, but out of necessity. They really have a medical condition, or a health problem that they want to eliminate. It is important to consider this when making our Best practices for CBD advertising.

Brand and Corporate Identity

We start with a good logo that stands out from any other company in your field and gives you a very professional look that inspires confidence. Your products must inspire confidence and modernity. Hire a branding professional to create a spectacular logo and packaging for your products to attract the attention of your buyers.


Before launching your advertising, it is important to have good photographs of your products so that your customers can have a visual reference. You can use these photos for your digital advertising, impressions, merchandising, etc. It would also be good to hire models and influencers to take pictures of them using your product. This way you can inspire much more confidence in the use of CBD in your audience.