Win A Kamado Joe Model as Award at the BBQs 2u Thank Que Contest

Win A Kamado Joe Model as Award at the BBQs 2u Thank Que Contest

BBQs 2u is always influencing people to maintain their passion for barbecue. This can be seen in various contests that they keep running on their website. Their social media pages are full of contests and deals, and yes, many are availing of those offers and winning the contest.

Their Thank Que contest was a success where they searched for barbecue enthusiasts to crown them as BBQs 2u Champions and Ambassadors. This ‘Thank Que’ contest is still being executed by BBQs 2u to honour those who understand the importance of grilling and smoking. It is another way to keep the tradition alive among coming generations.

Thank Que Contest

Honestly, today’s generation, Gen Z, is more into takeaways, and home deliveries. Nobody wat to take the pain of arranging charcoal, buying ingredients, and organizing everything in the backyard or a pool party. for them, it is all about relaxation and quick services. Hence, somewhere down the line, the barbecue tradition is confined to those who are socially active and still believe in cooking and treating people.

To keep the tradition alive and to maintain that passion among new pals, BBQs 2u want to thank them by awarding them as champions and ambassadors.

The first person to be awarded was a 12-year-old kid, Alfie King. Alfie has always been a huge admirer of outside cooking and has always cherished cooking all kinds of cuisine for his friends and family. BBQs 2u felt it was fantastic that such a young kid already knew and recognised that barbecue was far more than just food and will go on to be a future star in the world of grilling.

Thus, on Alfie’s 12th birthday BBQs u delivered a new Kamado Joe Jnr from BBQs 2u as a token of gratitude for keeping the barbecue tradition alive. It was a motivating factor that helps to keep the passion intact forever.

About Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is an Asian-style traditional grilling ceramic made huge dome-shaped hot pot. The ceramic thick walls retain the rich, smoky flavour within all food that is being grilled. The dome-shaped model is being used for centuries for baking, grilling, and smoking, Kamado Joe has simply modified the structure by adding some latest technologies and accessories to it.

Kamado grills have thicker walls than other grills, allowing them to maintain heat more efficiently and effectively. Kamado grills are extremely stable once pre-heated, and they can cook at low or high temperatures for as long as the grill has sufficient charcoal. Kamado grills are tough and typically composed of ceramic materials.

Cooking for others is the best way to tell them how much someone cares for them. What else can suffice someone if not a barbecue? Thus, BBQs 2u believes in thanking such people with their kind gesture of gifting the best barbecue models as a notion of Thank Que.

Their customers are always surprised by their small gestures that bring a smile to a face. Their fame can be seen by the number of followers on their Instagram page. Follow their social media page to stay connected with them.