Four Easy Ways to Unclog Drains

Four Easy Ways to Unclog Drains

You can easily spot a clogged drain because the sink backs up the water, causing you to panic. It can happen to the kitchen sink or toilet that you can observe the water is slowly draining. With this fundamental plumbing issue, you can quickly fix it with a simple plumbing snake that can do the trick to clear the clog. However, there are instances that the clog can be a symptom of a more significant problem. 

When you spot a clogged drain at home, you can try these simple and easy ways to unclog them if you think that you can fix it right away without calling a plumber. You may be able to

use random things at home to solve clogged drain issues. 

  • Using a Bent Wire Hanger

You use a hanger for hanging clothes. Little did everyone know, a hanger is an effective tool to unclog a blocked sink. You will only need to straighten a coat hanger and create a small hook shape at one end of the wire. Then, you push the end slowly down to the plug hole and begin the process like you are fishing. Be careful when using the hanger and make sure that you avoid pushing it downwards – it can move the blockage further down the drain. With gentle prodding and hooking motions, it will help dislodge and remove the materials clogging the drain. 

  • Use a Wet or Dry Vacuum 

Vacuum can clean both liquids and dry dust dirt. The name itself can suck waste from blocked drains, especially if the blockage is high up. Before you start unclogging the drain, you need to create a seal over the plughole to prevent making a mess – placing an old plunger over the hole works well. Then, switch the vacuum to the liquid setting with its most potent suction and place it over the top of the plughole. After putting it over the top of the plughole, you can start turning the vacuum on and leave it for 1-2 minutes. After that, you may turn it off and run the water gently to check if the sink has unlocked. 

  • Plungers

One of the most effective to use for unclogging sinks and toilets is the plungers. The trick here is that you will need the right plunger to solve the issue of having a blocked sink and toilet. A simple toilet plunger does not work if you are working with a minor drain like a sink or shower. With that, you will need a cup plunger designed for smaller drains. 

  • Cleaning P-Trap

There may be an easier and more effective way to unclog your drain. Instances happen that you will need more than this do-it-yourself stuff – cleaning the p-trap by yourself without calling a plumber. 

The p-trap under the sink is a curved pip designed to catch debris. It does not enter the rest of your home plumbing system. To clean the p-trap by yourself, you will only need to place a bucket under your sink to catch the excess water and use a wrench or pliers to unscrew the U-shaped pipe under the sink. You will need to empty its contents and take the p-trap to another sink, rinse it, and clear any debris blocking it. You can replace it to see if the clog is already solved. 

It is a nuisance to have clogged drains at home – it causes too much inconvenience. You only need to ensure that you prevent your sink or toilet from debris that causes plumbing issues. If the problem is too much for you to handle, you should leave everything to the experts. 

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