Make A Classic Statement With Different Styles Of White Shirt

Make A Classic Statement With Different Styles Of White Shirt

A white shirt is a must-have in every woman’s closet. This is one staple garment that looks good with your formal trousers as well as your weekend denim. Whether you have crisp cotton or soft silk white shirt, the tailored fit of the button-down makes this outfit feel elegant, smart, and classy.

Different garments to pair up white shirt

You can never go wrong with a white shirt.

  • Pair it with trousers along with a blazer and go for work.
  • Tuck the shirt into jeans, out-on sneakers, and go on a weekend spree.
  • Tie it up, roll the sleeves, and style it any time of the year.

Buying a classic premium quality shirt

When looking for a classic women’s white shirt, there could be no better place than the online store of Ella Hopfeldt which is a dress shirt brand born out of a desire to create the world’s finest shirts for women.

The brand is extremely thoughtful of its production process. They manufacture in Estonia and offer free shipping to the desired location anywhere in the world.

Ella Hopfeldt’s women’s white shirts come with French cuffs and have the following features:

  • 100% pure cotton with a herringbone weave.
  • French cuffs.
  • Tailored fit.
  • Reinforced collar.

Give it a try as their shirts for women comes in 4 different fits to suit different body shapes and height.

Read on for various fashionable ideas of wearing a white shirt at different places.

For work

  • You can wear a button-down white shirt with a tuck-in pleated midi skirt and heeled boots.
  • Wear it with a blazer with rolled-up sleeves.
  • Wear it with a colored trouser suit or style your crisp white shirt with a classy beige suit.
  • Team it up with sleek printed style super wide legs trousers.
  • For casual Fridays, wear it with short suits for a cool look.

For casual gatherings

Wearing a white shirt looks classy when it is kept simple, but it also looks just as superb when paired with a statement garment. Let’s delve into some casual white shirt outfits.

  • Layer a lightweight white shirt over the top of a printed slip dress, preferably a polka dots skip dress, and tie the shirt in the front for a new look.
  • You can team the white shirt with a bright-colored flowy skirt.
  • When in doubt, go for the well-tried and truly white shirt and blue denim that make the easiest and best outfit.
  • Wear a white shirt on a slightly cropped, short-sleeved shirt for a summer outing.
  • A wide-sleeved white shirt when paired with a leopard print skirt and embellished heels make all heads turn towards you.
  • Leathered trousers add a rock and roll touch with a well-fitted white shirt.
  • Pair your oversize white shirt with long black leggings along with polished accessories.

Beach party

Any guesses on how can you use your white shirt for beach outings?

  • Try an oversized white shirt and team it with cycling shorts to balance the tight silhouette.
  • You can wear a one-piece oversized white shirt on your swimwear or bikini for the coolest poolside or beach outfit that everybody will be soon copying.

Go ahead, break the rules, and experiment with this beloved fashion garment, your favorite white shirt.